Villa General Belgrano
OktoberFest - History of the National Beer Festival "Oktoberfest"
Villa General Belgrano was founded in the '30s, two Germans, and Paul George Kappuhn Heintze. They started a dream in this land, looking for somewhere to their compatriots. In 1943, with the growing village, a group of sailors from the battleship Graf Spee was installed in the village and, along with local residents, were giving to the landscape of the Sierras de Córdoba, the unique style that characterizes it.

Villa General Belgrano adopted from the outset the characteristics of an authentic alpine village, with houses red gabled roofs, colorful gardens and plenty of wood. In addition, the Central European cuisine with exquisite dishes and delicious cakes and all the customs of Central Europe, such as music, dance, festivals, crafts and of course, language.

In the '60s, there is the National Beer Festival, at the hands of the first immigrants who came to the village. At that time, an old car that transported inside the picturesque local orchestra, was responsible for unleashing the excitement in the town's central plaza. Orchestras and dance groups, were presented by a great speaker who is deeply remembered today and that gives the name to the main stage, Matias Calvo Ortega.

Delegations representing the world, year after year were multiplying with groups from Germany, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Canary Islands, Yugoslavia, Sweden, Portugal, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Armenia and Ukraine, among others. All wearing their traditional costumes and cultural spectrum substantially broadening the party. Years passed and the beer industry developed significantly.

This party grew and began to call for a lot of tourists. Those tourists who still come to Villa General Belgrano to experience something different and that this time, more than ever be surprised with a completely renovated Oktoberfest.