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History: Amboy

Amboy is one of the oldest towns in Córdoba, the tourst can see its streets and the museum, all the history of our country in a little town.

It was a place of religious meetings and a spot to relax for those who crossed the hill on their way to San Luis. Its first inhabitants were the Comechingones and part of their culture can be seen in objects that remains until today. Amboy has its own history, in this town Dalmacio Velez Sarsfield was born on 18 February 1800.

He was a famous person because of his work. He wrote the Civil Argentinian code and the Commerce Code of Buenos Aires Province which three years later was adopted by the Argentinian confederation. He was a deputy in the National Congrese between 1824 and 1827. In 1835 was elected the president of Academia de Jurisprudencia with Carlos Tejedor wrote the Constitution of Buenos Aires ( 1854) With Eduardo Acevedo wrote the Código de Comercio for Buenos Aires. He was also a member of the Convención Constituyente which changed the Constitution from 1860.

In 1864 asked by Mitre renarrated it. He passed away in Buenos Aires on 30 November 1875 the house where he used to live is today a museum. At 800 metres above the sea level we can see the amazing lake El Embalse Cerro Pelado formed by the basins of the rivers Grande, Las Cañas, El Durazno and El Manzano.