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Walks & Tours: Athos Pampa

Athos Pampa Church
Athos Pampa means pampa of foxes It is a very old town where the visitor can enjoy a beautiful view of Sierras Grandes and there are simple places to eat and relax. It is advisable...
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At 1050 metres height above the sea level, on the way to La Cumbrecita trough Athos Pampa and on the shore of Rio Los Reartes it is erected this surprising place with a thick vegetation...
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Los Reartes River
It is born in Sierras Grandes at the foot of Cerro Negro, flowing through steep slopes. The downstream section of the river flows softly, cross “ La Pampa next to the town of the same...
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San Miguel River
Astonishing beauty, dry weather, transparent atmosphere, birds singing, artistic inspiration looking for the inside and ecotourism ( trekking, mountain bike)
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Villa Alpina
Surrended by woods and in the middle of a serpented path, in this tiny village can be practised horse-riding, walking and trout fishing. The going up to Champaqui Hill of 2790...
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Villa Berna
At 1350 metres above the sea level and crossing a beautiful wood you may reach Villa Berna. “ The treasure best kept “,surrended by a thick vegetation and high trees wich shelter a...
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