Villa General Belgrano
Valle de Calamuchita

History: Embalse Río Tercero

On the 10 December 1911 in the place called El Pueblito Calamuchita, in the province of Córdoba in front of the national authorities, provintials and regional it was erected the first stone ( la piedra fundamental) of Dique del Embalse in La Quebrada del Rio Tercero, which would be the first step for the later Hidroelectric Central. In this way Embalse” was born on 10 December 1911.

This is a beautiful city with astonishing landscapes which invite the visitor to enjoy its silence and the intelligent combination of the past and the present. It has a big lake that is the sum of five rivers Santa Rosa, Grande, Amboy, Quillinzo and La Cruz. All of them of our Sierras Grandes which come down from the valley. This great waterspot is the main spot for different activities throughout the year specially in summer and also has a very important role in the energetic development of the province and of the country.Its Hidroelectric centrals, Fitz Simon, Ing Carlos Cassaffouth and Ing Benjamín reolin gives a good part of the energy all together with the Nuclear Central of Embalse. Apart from that there is a ( Unidad Turística), wich belongs to the Tourism Secretary and Sport of the Nation.

There are seven hotels and fifty bungalows with places for 2500 people and lodging for all kinds of tourists, specially formed by elderly people and young students coming from all part of the country.