Villa General Belgrano
Valle de Calamuchita

History: La Cumbrecita

In 1932 Dr Helmut Cabjolsky travelled to Argentina for five years with his wife and his two children Helmut and Klaus of 13 and 11 years old, his housekeeper and her husband Liesbeth and Kurt Mehnert.

While he was there he missed the landscapes of his land, he bought in 1934 in the nearby of Córdoba hills. The nearest town Los Reartes, originally a spot to change horses and the other settlement was at 11 km , the town called by then " El Sauce", which is now Villa General Belgrano. All kind of provisions are sent from Alta Gracia city. In the first years the landscape was" agreste", without trees, tipical of a hilly area.

The brothers in law Cabjolsky and Behrend coming from Europe living in tents, they developed a local " fish pond ". The first building, made of mud was iniciated in 1935. Originally thought as a summer house was later transformed into a kind of lodging for Cabjolsky´s friends and then it grew so fast that they built a small familiar pension ( nowadays is La Cumbrecita Hotel) which was then got by Reynaldo Schefski and his wife who had arrived to this town interested in Cabjolsky´s ideas. Liesberst Mehnert and her husband started with the cakes and sweet things.

The first buildings were thought by helmut, the oldest son of the family, without forgetting the first families who settled down there and shared the most difficult task of turning La Cumbrecita into the astonishing city that is today.Valenta Knoeepfli, Fleckenstein,Anz,Zechner,Schoeller,Mayer are some of those families.Today it is one of the most important tourist attractions and welcomes not only national tourism but also international one.