Villa General Belgrano
Valle de Calamuchita

Walks & Tours: Lago Los Molinos

Alta Gracia
Situated in Paravachasca valley, Alta Gracia is one of the tourist attractions of Córdoba, “ La Estancia Jesuita”, “ Che Guevara Museum”, “ Manuel Falla¨s house and “ Gruta Nuestra...
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In Los Molinos we have the kind of fishing with return. Hooks without bun are used due to preserve the fish life. Los Molinos lake offers the possibility to practise silverside sport...
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La Cumbrecita
La Cumbrecita is located in Sierra Grande, between the Alambach and Del Medio rivers.It as a population of 370 people approx.Nearby It can be found Cerro Champaqui of almost 3000...
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Sailing: In Los Molinos, you may participate of this fascinating world going to our sailing school and renting a boat if you are an experienced sailor. There are other activities...
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The Los Molinos Dam
The Los Molinos dam( Dique los Molinos) is a dam over the course of the Los Molinos river in the center-west of Córdoba province, Argentina, at about 769m above the sea level. The...
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Villa Alpina
Surrended by woods and in the middle of a serpented path, in this tiny village can be practised horse-riding, walking and trout fishing. The going up to Champaqui Hill of 2790...
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Villa Berna
At 1350 metres above the sea level and crossing a beautiful wood you may reach Villa Berna. “ The treasure best kept “,surrended by a thick vegetation and high trees wich shelter a...
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Yacanto y alrededores
Leaving Villa General Belgrano and taking the first entrance on the right until reaching the river of the same name, crossing the bridge and following the paved-road 33kms it is...
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