Villa General Belgrano
Valle de Calamuchita

History: Los Reartes

When the Spanish arrived to Córdoba , the Comechingones were in almost all the territory , they were organised in in communities named “ ayllus”, each one with several villages. They were composed by aborigens of the same families. In the path of Los Reartes river , between Capilla Vieja and the union with Rio del Medio, there were in times of Lanus Cabrera three villages; Ibachume, Tacama and Quininaure.
Apparently Tacama was near Los Reartes town today. Before the arrival of the Spanish men to this land, the native inhabitants, comechingones and saravirones,would have marked the path which was useful to keep the communication among the villages but also the path which leads to haunt and recollect. These paths were the same which used the first expeditions.
Most of the colonial town of Córdoba were originated from the big “ farms “ which were born from the first pieces of land given from 1573 ahead.

Almost at the end of XVIII century, it has formed San Lorenzo del sauce farm owned by captain Francisco de Tejeda and Guzman.
In 1967 captain Juan de Reartes y Tejeda obtained a parto f san Lorenzo del sauce creating Copacabana farm. On 24 December 1711Don Juan Gregorio de rerates bought the farm. From then and until XIX century Reartes family was not only the owner of the farm but also the one which gives the name to the river and the valley.
In the mentioned farm there was a chapel with a path, the same which links Potrero de Garay to the north and Santa Rosa to the south, a series of spas and paths ewhich then were used by traders, missionaries and even Unitarios and Federales soldiers in times of the civil war.

In 1868 the national census named Distrito Los rerates to the nowadays place of the same name.
In those times the place which was called Rio Los Reartes were only the farms in the valley, some currals and La Capilla de la Purísma. Until the first half of XX century Los Reartes was a town of a very few houses, a chapel and a “ pulperia”.

Before the 50´decade the town had a strategical position, this fact was favourable to the creation of important institutions such as the post, the the law court,and the “ Posta de carretas”. In 1959 with the creation of Los Molinos dam and the provintial route Nº5, Los Reartes was outside the main path and lost the official institutions, which were obtained by Villa General Belgrano.

This town seemed to be forgotten until the year1998 when the path which join this town to Villa General belgrano was pavimented and started a favourable period for the town with a great development. Nevertheless, It has remained as a town full of traditions of the past.