Villa General Belgrano
Valle de Calamuchita

Walks & Tours: Los Reartes

Adventure Tourism
The sports here are for those who would like a little of adventure,practising trekking, horse-riding, mountain bike, sport fishing,4x4 trips and aerial tours. Everything in an outstanding...
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Capilla de los Reartes
It is the oldest chapel of Calamuchita valley, from the18 century. The front part is built with raw adobe, it has colonial-tiled roofs, double doors and windows with and without bars....
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Embalse Río Tercero
It is formed by five rivers. It has three factories and a nuclear central. It is full of campings, clubs where the inhabitants get together to enjoy themselves. Dique Embalse Rio...
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La Cumbrecita
La Cumbrecita is located in Sierra Grande, between the Alambach and Del Medio rivers.It as a population of 370 people approx.Nearby It can be found Cerro Champaqui of almost 3000...
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Morteritos de Piedra
Tellings from the first inhabitants ( Los Comechingines) of the valley : there are some bowls with which the wild fruits were crushed with a eslongated stone with the shape of majadero....
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Santa Rosa de Calamuchita
City built on the shore of the same name. It has several spas, campings and cabines and there are also 4X4 trips and adventure tourism, fishing, horse-riding, trekking and ecotourism.
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Yacanto y alrededores
Leaving Villa General Belgrano and taking the first entrance on the right until reaching the river of the same name, crossing the bridge and following the paved-road 33kms it is...
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