Villa General Belgrano
Valle de Calamuchita

History: Santa Rosa de Calamuchita

Without doubts due to  the geographical condition of the place and its position it is born Santa rosa.
The settlement existed since remote times.

As a matter of facts, a lot of institutions which gives a social support are witnesses of this such as La Capilla ( The Chapel)1784, The Primary school 1891, The Police, the post and others. Apart from documents like the census in 1840 by the governor Manuel López which remain from that time, there are two turning points that can explain this process and the exploration of  the zone.

The first is the donation from Baños couple in favour of santa rosa Church. The second fact is the buying of Santa rosa farm in 1935. It must be said that Santa Rosa was never founded , there is no documents which says that.

The History of the Name
The Dominis congregation built in the year 1700 a chapel in honour to santa Rosa de Lima who had been declared as Patrona de America on 11 March 1669. this chapel originates the first settlement near the river which was called Ctalamochita by the aborigens. The name is also after the La Patrona adding Calamuchita which is an aborigen name with a little alteration Ctalamochita or Talamochita has a linking with two voices Ctala and Mochi which means Tala and Molle respectively. The suffix Ita means abundancy so Calamuchita would mean Abundancia de talla y molle ( Abundancy of Talla and Molle)

Santa Rosa de Lima
Image, face and hands made of pasta, appears in the stock taking among the things of Pedro Carranza, owner of Santa Rosa Estancia and it has to be given ( by will) to the one who owns the place.

Today it still remains as a very valuable treasure in the religious and art museum, La capilla Vieja in the year 1784. With the time, its name passes to the temple built in the farm and later to the population as a prove of the love The Carranza have for this Saint, this is the origin of the name Calamuchita