Villa General Belgrano
Valle de Calamuchita

Walks & Tours: Villa Rumipal

Balneario El Torreón y Corcovados
Transitando la Ruta 5, es fácil apreciar la región de El Corcovado. El arco de acceso al barrio, identifica una de las zonas de Villa Rumipal mas concurridas.0 Es una de las áreas...
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Circuito Religioso
Nuestra Señora de Fátima Chapel Inmaculada concepción Grotto. The grotto is made of stone and has the image of the virgem It has a free entrance. San Cayetano Grotto Construction...
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Fauna Reservoir
On the Route Nº5 at722 km next to Villa Rumipal entrance. Inside a hill of 25 ha there are aprox 500 animals of 60 especies. It has 4 km of distance that can be made by car with “...
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Festival Provincial del Lago
During the third week of January , Villa rumipal is the headquarters of this festival which is the most original too. There are shows with very well-known artists. The visitor can...
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German Beach
Natural bay with beaches surrended by a thick vegetation.
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Municipal seaside
To get there, you may leave from Gustavo Riemann and Carlos Severgnini Street, where there is the entrance to this municipal seaside place that has a variety of services, such as beaches...
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Rumipal Hill
It is reached by the way which is indicated from Gustavo Riemann where there is the monument in honour to this engineer, the founder of this city. If the guest would like to do it...
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Tourist complex
To get there you may take route Nº 5, at 723km. Torreon de Calamuchita is a replic of the Castillo de Manzanares situated on the shore of Santillana dam, next to Madrid, Spain.It is...
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Vuelta Alrededor del Lago
Leaving from route Nº5 to the south passing by villa del Dique y embalse, then turns on the right, passing unidad turistica Embalse and going on until the central Nuclear Embalse....
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