Villa General Belgrano
General Information

General Information: Villa General Belgrano

Villa General Belgrano is located in the center of the Argentinian Republic in one of the nicest place of Calamuchita Valley, in the province of Córdoba. Surrended by mountains, Sierras Chicas to the east and Sierras Grandes to the west. This beautiful city is situated at 700 msnm, between the two big lakes of Calamuchita Valley, Los Molinos lake and Rio Tercero. The tourist may visit and see the different towns of Calamuchita Valley and come back to the village on the same day due to its perfect location. It has a mediterranean weather so that the visitor can enjoy 300 sunny days. The population is mainly composed by German, Swedish, Italian and Spanish people.
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One of the first attraction here is the gastronomy. In the year 1943 with the arrival of inmigrants from different parts of the world brought their own flavours and food( mainly European flavour). As a consequence strange names appeared in the local food such as Schwarzbrot, Schlachtplatte,Leberwurst,Appelstrudel which then started to be familiar in the village However ,some receipts had to be adapted to the local customs for instante “Torta Selva Negra” that in the original receipt the cream did not have sugar. Other receipts had also to be changed because of the weather such as “ Goulash” that in Europe is made with a lot of “ paprika” ( very spicy) is not necessary in this warm weather so in this way sometimos adapting the receipt or creating a new one has become a main attraction among others. This local and tipical food can be found in the sophisticated restaurantas of Villa General Belgrano.


A long time ago a Group of inmigrants founded a town and with its foundation a new style of architecture. It has an European style with a loto f wood and red-roofed, wood-frame houses. But the wood was not only used in roofs but also in balconys too. Another material used was the natural stone. This architecture and the landscape of the hills makes of this city a very particular and picturesque one.
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