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Valle de Calamuchita
Valle de Calamuchita: Alta Gracia
Author: palonflickr
Although Alta gracia is situated in the Paravachasca Valley so close to our valley is advisable to visit it due to its history,it is located at 45 km to the north of Villa general Belgrano, its main attraction nowadays is “ La estancia Jesuita” declared world heritage and its museums : Casa del Virrey Liniers”, Manuel de Falla and the house of “ Che Guevara”.

In the city center it was built a little dock called “ El Tajamar, a watere reservation erected by the Jesuits in 1643.
Its religious side is reflected in the traditional procession to La Virgen de Lourdes, at the foot of the mountain. This town has two aerodromes.

From Tajamar city, we can take the trip to the observatory of Bosque Alegre, located at the top of the hill which gave its name. At 36 kms and on the same road we will reach Villa Carlos Paz, in Punilla Valley.