Villa General Belgrano
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One of the first tourist attractions that this town offered its visitors was the food. In 1943 with the arrival of immigrants of different nationalities, the cuisine of Villa General Belgrano took another taste, the taste of Central European cuisine. Thus, names like Schwarzbrot, Schlachtplatte, Leberwurst, apple strudel and others, began to sound in the Village. Over time some of these recipes had to be adapted to local tastes, such as Black Forest Cake (chocolate cakes, cream and cherries), which in its original recipe had no sugar cream. Another recipe that should be changed was that of Goulash Spätzle mit composed of bits of meat served with a kind of pasta called gnocchi Germans "to be cooked in a sauce with lots of paprika.

In Europe it is necessary that spicy flavor, but in Argentina with its temperate climate was almost impossible to eat. Thus, adapting recipes to the tastes of this region, creating new or simply holding her grandmother's recipe, was as food became a major tourist attraction of Villa General Belgrano. Today, these formulas are maintained and developed in many of the restaurants and cafeterias of the town.