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Valle de Calamuchita
Valle de Calamuchita: Potrero de Garay
Author: Diego Azuaga
It is a beautiful town situated at 70 km from Córdoba city and at 30 km from Alta Gracia city. It has a combination of hills and green landscape with the authoctonous flora and pine-woods.
Apart from the pavement entrance from Villa Ciudad de las américas, it has the Costanera avenue which is along Costa del lago.

The water of Los Molinos lake is ideal for water sports, boat-riding, surf, fishing, open coast rivers and streams, special for walkings in touch with the nature. The hills and praries are good for cyclism and different sports.

In Potrero de Garay the visitor may enjoy a good fishing, boating, campings, horse.riding or just walking at night , there is also the great entertainment Alta Gracia casino.