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Valle de Calamuchita
Valle de Calamuchita: Athos Pampa
Author: vgb-org-ar
Athos Pampa is located at 7 km from Villa General Belgrano on one of the paths which takes up to Villa Berna, Villa Alpina and La Cumbrecita .Almost next to Athos it can be found another spot called Los Grundos. From Villa General Belgrano through Cristo Grande¨s way the tourist reach Athos Pampa.

It can also be reach trough Los Reartes, the spot called El Crucero Los Reartes.It is a pampa, ideal for growing. In Athos Pampa there is a church and a school are the points for social meetings. It has electricity but there is no other service. To the northwest between pines and hillocks the visitor reach Intiyaco. To the southwest it is Yacanto crossed San Miguel bridge and Granito Azul.