Villa General Belgrano

History: Villa General Belgrano

Villa General Belgrano, land of inmigrants.

It is a region of high mountains, Rivers and big lakes, located in Calamuchita Valley. In the decade of 20´ and the beginning of 30 a group of inmigrants came to this place because of its beauty and with the hope o f starting an agricultural project.

There were ten or fifteen familias who lived on agriculture, those first familias were the Sanchez,Francisco Pereyra’s family, the Guzman and the Maldonado hmong others. In the year 1929 Don Pedro Heintze arrived to this town to develop his ideal plan which were “ cooperativas agricolas” and to forest in the german way under certain conditions. So in this way he settled down in Calamuchita Valley which was that ideal place for him. With Jorge Kapphun ,who was the person who had the Money they bought “ El Sauce” and this piece of land was then offered in Buenos Aires exclusevily to German bussinessmen.

In 1932 the first fifteen familias came here attracted by the advantages of the weather and the landscapes, similar to the one in their own land. In 1937, these towns received the name of “Villa Calamuchita” . Years later in 1940 after the battle of River Plate, German seamanscutted and sank their battleship, the Admiral Graf Spee off the coast of Montevideo harbour and 130 of its surviving sailors settled down in the village along the original settlers.

In 1943, alter a confusing episode in which the Argentinian flag was burnt, the name of this town was changed into “ Villa General Belgrano”. It took this name alter the creador of the flag, Manuel Belgrano.

In 1953 Villa General Belgrano had its own municipality. Four years later and due to the inauguration of its main strret, the most important party was born “ The Oktoberfest” which is considered the tirad- most important Oktoberfest alter Munich and Blumenau in Brazil.