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Altos de Potrero Cabañas
Altos de Potrero Cabañas
Tel.: 03547 426690 - 03547 154 50729
Address: Av. Malvinas Argentinas s/nº -
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Tel.: 3515926559
Address: -
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Cerro MolinosLos Molinos (0351) 156-19-30-48Send Consultation
La CatalinaCalle Las Golondrinas y Calle 6(0351) 15-765-1960Send Consultation
La TorrePotrero de Garay(0351) 156147462Send Consultation
Potrerillo Aldea de MontañaCamino a San Clemente Km 8.503547-488330Send Consultation
Solar del LagoAv. Costanera s/n (a metros Av. Central)0351-4771928 / 156813868Send Consultation

Houses for Rent Potrero de Garay

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Casas de Campo La AldabaAv. Costanera y Calle Pública(03547) 15-593-352Send Consultation
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Cabins in Potrero de Garay
It is a beautiful town situated at 70 km from Córdoba city and at 30 km from Alta Gracia city. It has a combination of hills and green landscape with the authoctonous flora and pine-woods.
Apart from the pavement entrance from Villa Ciudad de las américas, it has the Costanera avenue which is along Costa del lago.

The water of Los Molinos lake is ideal for water sports, boat-riding, surf, fishing, open coast rivers and streams, special for walkings in touch with the nature. The hills and praries are good for cyclism and different sports.

In Potrero de Garay the visitor may enjoy a good fishing, boating, campings, horse.riding or just walking at night , there is also the great entertainment Alta Gracia casino.
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