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Hotel ParqueRuta 5 Km 102 - Valle Dorado03546-498365Send Consultation

Cabins Villa Rumipal

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Complejo Leon Cabañas
Complejo Leon Cabañas
Tel.: 0351 4519904 / 0351 153564996
Address: Juan D. Peron 457
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Cabañas Valle Dorado
Cabañas Valle Dorado
Tel.: (03546) 498779
Address: A 70m de la Ruta Provincial Nº5
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Rumi PayaAv. G. Riemann 24803546-498334Send Consultation
Las Candelas0351-4659388 / 155923121Send Consultation
La RiberaSevergnini 45003546-498322Send Consultation
Edison Fox CabañasBv. San Martín 2700351-155903279Send Consultation
CumalenRuta 5 y C. Pellegrini03546-498412Send Consultation
Cabañas YALUMALa Pampa y Sabatini(0341) 156 374612Send Consultation
Cabañas Villa RosalindaAvenida Riemann N° 635(03546) 154 155 97 Send Consultation
Cabañas RINCÓN DEL BARBATinti Nacuy 744(0341) 155638641Send Consultation
Cabañas LOS NONOSAv. Riemann 387(03546) 498504Send Consultation
Cabañas LOS CASTAÑOSAv. Illia N° 37003546 498377Send Consultation
Cabañas LA ROSADALos Eucaliptos esq. Av. del Lago(03546) 495033Send Consultation
Cabañas LA FELICIDAD DE ROMANMisiones 7710341 4970262Send Consultation
Cabañas IPACHI NAGUANVilla Rumipal(03546) 498890Send Consultation
Cabañas ColonialesVilla Rumipal(011) 4287 4542Send Consultation
Ari-AnTinti Nacuy03546-498535 / 15401737Send Consultation
Don Arturo Calle N° 4 s/n - B° El Torreón (03546) 15451395 / (03546) 15451128Send Consultation
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Cabins in Villa Rumipal
Villa Rumipal is situated to the southwest of Córdoba capital at 120 kms on the Provintial route Nº5 and has a population of 2000 inhabitants in summer.

The quantity grows up to 5000. Its name come from Rumi, “ stone” in Comechingones, In Mapuche “ Star”. It was founded on 6th September 1930 by Gustavo Riemann. Its festivals are commemorated on 13th October in honour to Fátima Virgem.
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