Villa General Belgrano
Valle de Calamuchita

History: Villa Rumipal

According to the tradition , and in quichua the meaning of Rumipal comes from Rumi “ star” and pal “ stone, that is to say“ Star of Stone”. There is also another explanation that is translated as “ Padre de los ceros” ( Hill´s father), name that was given to the chief of the region of the five rivers which form “ El Tercero” place now with a vast mirror of water of 5500 ha of surface.

During 20 years while the dam was being built and due to the possibility of working there a lot of families came here . The mais activities these families had were the clearing of the land to settle down, and the preparation of materials for the future house, apart from raising animals ( specially horses) which would then be used as transport and foresting what nowadays is the Municipal camping of Villa Rumipal´
Over time the houses were bigger and were the first hotels of the town “ Playa Hotel and Parque Hotel Rumipal.Then it was erected Rumipal Hotel  today the high school IPEM Nº76 Gustavo Riemann.

Among the recreation, it can be mentioned the football matches, the catfish, fishing and “mateadas “ with friends. At night they join in “ La Querencia “ or “ El Pejerrey” to dance.