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Walks & Tours: Embalse Río Tercero

Central Nuclear Embalse
Second nuclear factory of the country. It started in 1974. it has been working since January 1984. Located in Embalse Rio Tercero at 2 km from the hotels. Produces between the 7 and...
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Complejo Cerro Pelado
In Cerro Pelado there is a hydroelectric central unique in all the country because it was built in a cave. This tunnel is 1800 metres tall and reaches a depth of 130 metres.
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Dique Piedras Moras
This basin has more than 830ha of surface, completes the system of Rio tercero, situated in Almafuerte. There the visitor can practise all kind of water sports and fishing too
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El Quebracho chapel
It was built in 1896 and it is one of the oldest in the region. At 5 km to the south of Embalse, trough route Nº 5 and the cross to Los Cóndores.Reaching the Route Nº 36 on the right...
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Eventos de Embalse - Fiestas Patronales
Festivals: January: Festival de la Fé y el Folclore February: Carnivals September: Embalse en flor November: Encuentro provincial e inter provincial de teatro vocacional ( Workshops...
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Gruta San Martin de Porres
Ubicado en el ingreso a la ciudad. Posee una altura de 30 m y es de cemento revestido en mármol blanco. Fue levantado en honor al ministro Juan Pistarini, en agradecimiento por su...
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Los Molinos Dam
The Los Molinos dam ( Dique los Molinos) is a dam over the course of the Los Molinos river in the center-west of Córdoba province, Argentina, at about 769m above the sea level. The...
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Murallón Vertedero
1º Fitz simon factory: the building which is located on the Route Nº5 in the basin of the five rivers which form the reservoir and origin of Rio Tercero 2º Ingeniero Cassafousth...
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